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Programming & Web development

Programming occupies most of our time here at Warp. We see software development, taxonomy and information management as the final frontier of the information technology industry. Hardware and software infrastructure has become so commoditized with cloud computing, that the only industry worth investing in appears to be software development. With computer systems continuing to replace humans in most repetitive tasks, and with the advancement of artificial intelligence to potentially replace us altogether, in all but the most intellectually challenging jobs. Software development may become the only industry left in the future.

We have focused on HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL as our core programming languages. Though we can program C, C++, Perl, Python, Java and couple of other languages, we believe the former collection deserves our greatest investment in time. They are the most popular and well supported languages currently and in the future.

With this collection of five languages we can create client, server based applications that are supported by almost every device on the planet. We can scale the applications to support millions of clients like Facebook, from very humble beginings. And we can create very interactive or very streamlined interfaces.

Before looking to purchase an off-the-shelf/shotgun product, give us a call to discuss the cost of a custom application that does what you need it to, and only what you need it to.



At Warp we have made the effort to be the most vertically integrated solutions provider in the industry. We not only produce the applications our customers use, we also have control of the hardware and networking that supports these applications. This means when a problem occurs, you have one company to call and we have direct control over the problem and solution.

Co-location is a service we provide to customers who want their server installed in a secure, centralized location, with multiple redundant internet connections and power sources. Any company looking to share information between multiple branches, should be looking to co-locate a server in a datacentre. Attempting to provide the same level of security, connectivity and power to your infrastructure at your office will cost you in the order of 10 times the cost of co-location.



The consulting process is the most important aspect of our business, building trust and long term relationships with you our customer. Because our focus is narrowed towards long term mutually beneficial relationships, we do on occasion turn some customers away. This happens not due to any feeling of superiority or restriction on customer size, our customers range in size from home business to large enterprises. The reason is that we believe the best solutions blossom from mutual respect, understanding and sometimes blunt observations. We think of this as open and honest consultation.

Learning about your business is what differentiates us from the competition. Our interest is not in providing another commodity/shotgun solution to our clients, instead we follow this consulting flow to provide a tailored solution.

  • What causes your current Information Technology headaches, and how can we solve them?
  • How do you currently leverage your business with Information Technology?
  • What are your businesses core competencies, and how can Information Technology support these?
  • Is Information Technology a core competency in your business; should it become one?
  • Ideas, ideas, ideas – What will make you the market leader and keep you there.

After all is said and done, no one is better qualified than you, our customer; to know what decision is right for your business. That is why educating you about Information Technology is a primary focus of Warp. It is also a major reason why many business do not suit our consulting model, as many just don't care enough to understand Information Technology.

Do you care about Information Technology in your business?

Manufacturing, Distributing, Hairdressing, Painting; Information Technology is a universal tool that can help you!